The C.O.W.S. Global Sunday Talk On Racism 05/15/16

Sunday, May 15th 12:00PM Eastern/ 9:00AM Pacific


The Context of White Supremacy hosts our monthly Global Sunday Talk On Racism. This program is constructed to encourage participation from Victims of Racisms beyond the United States and/or non-white people who are unable to call-in during our usual normal time. With the ongoing concerns about the Zika virus, there have been calls to cancel the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil – a country with the largest population of black people in the western hemisphere. There seem to be less concerns for black Brazilians being displaced to make room for this summer’s competition. We’ll also discuss the election of Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim to hold this position in London, England. Don’t think this represents England’s post-racial metamorphosis. We’ll also update the tragic killing Andrew Loku. Canadian journalist Desmond Cole reported that video footage shows that the Toronto officers chilled for ten minutes before making an effort to offer medical attention. This sounds painfully familiar.
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