BTR News – Malcolm X Day & Donald Trump overtakes Clinton in national polling

Malcolm X on Media

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Today is the birthday of human rights advocate and pan-Africanist Malcolm X  There are very few Black people in the history of the United States who have had more of an impact on the intellectual dialogue around Black Liberation from a colonial system and ending the global political system that operates on racism and white supremacy. Malcolm X’s observations on the power of media led directly to formation of the Black Talk Media Project with the guiding principle that “media controls the minds of the masses.”

In political news, an activity area Malcolm X implored Black people to study and to consolidate the Black vote as an independent voting bloc and not one tied to one party or another, racist suspect Donald Trump is leading confirmed White Supremacists Hillary Clinton in a new national poll echoing trends over the past week or two in other polls. I have been predicting this outcome if the two were to meet head to head in November’s general election.

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