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BTR News – The American Roots of Hitler’s Final Solution

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Today will be an open discussion on the American roots of the Nazi Party and how the US government laid the blueprint out for every program the Nazi were said to have engaged in from mass extermination, mass enslavement (prison slave labor), medical experimentation on humans and  eugenics operations.

One could say that Hitler was inspired by what he was reading and seeing taking place in America against Black and other non-white people. Was Hitler taken out because he was damaging the myth of white supremacy in America conferred upon white people that Hitler did not consider to be white and were not classified as white until the slave codes were put in place.

If one reads books about the American Civil War, you will learn about the systemic murder of Black people and specially the summary executions of Black Union soldiers and many other war crimes by the military of the Confederate States of America. However, unlike the conclusion of WWII, there were no “Nuremberg” style trials of confederate war criminals.

While a lot has been written about the support the Nazi Party of Germany received from American business giants like the racist white supremacist Henry Ford and companies like IBM, Not much is said about how the eugenics programs in the United States spread to Germany in the 1930s.

In terms of white supremacist ideology that led to Hitler’s Final Solutions was openly expressed in American Society. All across the South monuments in the early 1900s, before the rise of so-called Nazim, were being erected to honor the white supremacist troops of the Confederacy and some states like North Carolina where a number of Confederate crimes occurred, passed legislation to give white supremacist monuments to war criminals protected status.

And finally the NAZI salute first appeared in America as school children were taught to salute the American Flag.

This and possibly more today on BTR News.

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