New Abolitionists Radio Weekly 6/1

Today is June 1st 2016. The 95th anniversary of the Tulsa Oklahoma massacre and you are tuned into the black talk radio network. 35 blocks housing 1,256 residences were destroyed, about 400 black people lost their lives, over 800 suffered injuries and 10,000 were left homeless.

The most prosperous black community in America burned to the ground with attacks by an all-white militia that included dropping bombs from planes on people’s homes, public lynching’s and executions.

We thought somebody ought to remember this day and here at new Abolitionist radio we will.

• Tonight’s program will off the cuff. Unplanned and organic. Its been an exciting week and we’ll delve into events. Feel free to call in and join us 1-641-715-3660. The access code is 549032#

• Our Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad is
Marvin Lamont Anderson who became the ninety-ninth person in the United States to be exonerated due to post-conviction DNA testing. He was only eighteen years old when he was convicted of robbery, sodomy, abduction, and rape. Anderson was released on parole 15 years later, but it took another four years to be exonerated.

• Our abolitionist in profile is William Wilberforce (1759 -1833): The Politician

Expect all of that and more tonight on New Abolitionists Radio.

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