BTR News – Black Brains damaged by Racism w/ Joseph R. Gibson, Ed.S.

Black Talk Radio

Joseph R. Gibson, Ed.S. is the author of How Racism Has Changed the Human Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Chronic Stress of Everyday Racism in Contemporary America.

“Much like Eric Jensen has argued for about a decade that the cumulative stress of experiencing chronic poverty can literally change the human brain, I believe that the cumulative stress of experiencing everyday racism every day has literally changed the brains of Americans both Black and White. All of this is largely attributable to the interplay of chronic stress and neuroplasticity. Richard Davidson and Bruce McEwen identified that “the brain is constantly being shaped, wittingly and unwittingly, by environmental forces that impinge upon organisms. Among the influences on brain structure and function that are most powerful in inducing plastic change are social influences.”

After the interview we will take a look at some of the news of the day.

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