4 NYPD Slave Catchers With Ties To NYC Mayor Busted In FBI Corruption Sting

Four NYPD officers part of one of the oldest departments in the nation that evolved from the slave patrols of old, have been busted in what looks like an FBI public corruption sting.

All four of the men were part of a prominent fund-raisering effort for Mayor de Blasio and were busted Monday morning by FBI agents and other cops for taking bribes in exchange for doing favors for politically connected businessmen. One of the bribes included the paid for services of an unlicensed sex worker to “service” the men and a trip to the 2013 Super Bowl was provide. Also arrested was Jeremy Reichberg, a Brooklyn-based Jewish diamond merchant and prominent fund-raiser for NYC Mayor de Blasio, The arrested included Deputy Chief Michael Harrington, Deputy Inspector James Grant, and Sgt. David Villanueva court records show.

Mayor de Blasio thus far has not commented on the arrests of the men that helped him get elected. Mayor de Blasio is Super Delegate for Hillary Clinton and endorsed her in the New York Democratic primary. De Blasio will vote along with other super delegates at the DNC convention to determine who will win the nomination in July as both Clinton and Sanders fell short of the pledged delegates needed to outright secure the nomination after concluding all Democratic caucuses and primaries..

Skepticism remains high that the Justice Department will seek an indictment once the FBI criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server and other activities is completed.

The FBI has a track record over the past four years of investigating a number of public officials all around the country of various parties and positions and the DOJ has followed up and produced indictments and convictions.

Maybe there is still a slight chance the Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators will not benefit from a legal double standard but the Justice department has yet to take on such an entrenched politician the likes of the Clintons.

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