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BTR News – John Lewis, proxy agent of liberal white supremacists

6-22-2016 8-22-19 PMTune in for an hour more of news, information and commentary.

John Lewis and other members of the US Congress and staging what might be the first ever sit-in protest conducted by members of Congress. What is the sit-in about? About passing gun control legislation that is considered a bad bill that is anti-Fourth Amendment and would do nothing to stop terrorist attacks like that which occurred in Orlando.

There were even reports of singing the old Negro spiritual “We Shall Overcome” which is widely associate with the civil rights movement. John Lewis is shamefully pimping a false history of black resistance during in America and using his legacy of taking beatings for the cause, to push for an agenda of the Democratic party which is solidly in the hands of liberal white racists of the Dixiecrat variety.

Lets go over some of the news of day before jumping to the main topic of discussion which will be John Lewis and the Black misleadership class.

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