BTR News – FBI Director says Hillary Clinton Above the Law

7-5-2016 1-34-03 PM

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The FBI came out with big news concerning its year long criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton and her aides use of a unapproved private email server. The FBI Director in his press conference cited gross negligence as it pertains to safe guarding the government’s most top secret information including the use of an non-secured Blackberry Clinton and staff used to discuss top secret information in countries known to wage cyber warfare against the United States.

Defying all logic, FBI Director Comey said that he would recommend no charges for Hillary Clinton or anyone involved in massive law breaking.

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2 Replies to “BTR News – FBI Director says Hillary Clinton Above the Law”

  1. I am a daily listener to your program and find it invaluable to myself and any self respecting Black person living in this place in these times. With that said, I have come to the realization and conclusion that justice in the true meaning of the word is and will continue to be illusive and unattainable as long as the white supremacists remain in control of not only this country, but the entire world. As for solutions I cannot provide a one size fits all because I don’t believe it exists. You however, are one of the glimmers of light in the otherwise dark wilderness and if enough people are attracted to the light aka the truth which your network attempts to disseminate some will be saved. Every person who looks like you and me does not share in our quest to be FREE from white people because they have been made comfortable in their slave quarters. It took me some time to understand that. I have been a contributor to your efforts in the past and I plan to be one in the near future. Please know that the service you provide is greatly appreciated and needed and may The Creator of the universe God Almighty bless and keep you in your quest.

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