New Abolitionists Radio Weekly 7/13

New SlavesTune in for two hours of news and commentary concerning 21st Century Slavery & Human Trafficking.

Today is July 13th 2016

We’ll go through this week’s collection of stories articles and events with an abolitionist perspective. I’m not going to give a long description of what’s to come tonight. If you are tuned in here now you already know we are at one of the most precarious and perilous times in American history. Let’s just get into it.

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• Our Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad is Davontae Sanford who spent more than eight years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

• Our abolitionist in profile is The Unknown and Anonymous Abolitionist as represented in an 1834 speech given by an anonymous speaker at the Female Minervian Association on the moral and social improvement of freed slaves, encouraging them to assist those who are still enslaved. Published in the Liberator and preserved in the Black Abolitionist Archives.

Expect all of that and more tonight on New Abolitionists Radio

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