BTR News – Deputy shoots up church, Baltimore Swat kills mother and wounds 5 yr old

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Last night in Baltimore County, Maryland, 23 yr old mother Korryn Gaines was shot and killed in her apartment and her five year old son was shot and is reportedly recovering from non-life threatening gunshot injuries. These facts are not in dispute but the back story is still developing.

This killing was preventable regardless of the alleged actions of the defendant who was obviously distraught and possibly not acting in a codified manner. However, the actions of the SWAT team are indefensible unless their position was that the five year old in the room life did not matter.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Texas a Sheriff’s Deputy got drunk, drove to a church in a predominately Black community and shot the building up. The Deputy also refereed to being angry about “black coons”. Thus far, Deputy Race Soldier has not been charged with a crime and the pastor of the church is talking about “forgiveness” in declining to file a criminal complaint.

We have a book recommendation from a listener who mentioned the topic from about Capt. Khan’s parents in the media playing their role in the politic theater. We will share the letter and give you the recommendations he made for fighting and “winning” the war.

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