The C.O.W.S. THE PURGE, Dr. Martin Kevorkian

Wednesday, August 3rd 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

Purge BTRN

The Context of White Supremacy deconstructs James DeMonaco’s multi-million dollar franchise, The Purge. We’ll be joined by University of Texas (Austin) professor Dr. Martin Kevorkian; the author of Color Monitors, Dr. Kevorkian has visited The C.O.W.S. numerous times to discuss the White Supremacy messaging in films. We’ll turn our attention to DeMonaco’s science fiction juggernaut and the three installments released since 2013. The Purge depicts a dystopian future, where ruling Whites (the New Founding Fathers of America) declare that on one day each year, murder and all other crimes are legal for a twelve hour period. All three films depict nearly unparalleled scenes of sadistic brutality and White pathology. White Supremacy is flagrantly displayed: a black male is hunted by a White mob in the first film. White goons sporting “White Power” insignias and swastikas prowl the third film – released on the 4th of July weekend this summer. We’ll get Dr. Kevorkian’s perspective on the timing of these films and political message being broadcast that suggest the way to solve problems is by killing people. Black people.


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