Tamir Rice 911 Operator disciplined for rudeness to sexual assault victim


Exactly what 911 operator Constance Hollinger relayed to police dispatchers the day Tamir Rice was gun downed in the streets by Cleveland slave patrol Timothy Loehmann, has not been made public but what is being made public is a March 2015 call where she is accused of mistreating a 12 yr-old sexual assault victim.

It was 8 months before the 911 call recording surfaced in the system as the result of a criminal trial when prosecutors requested it. Hollinger was disciplined after being found guilty in an internal trial of sorts, a disciplinary hearing in June 2016 was overseen by Cleveland police Deputy Chief Deon McCaulley. Hollinger, pled not guilty despite the evidence against her and she was represented by two Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association lawyers.

She was found guilty in the process and was suspended for a week without pay; the disciplinary action will remain in her personnel file for three years but not permanently.

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