BTR News – National Protest Against Prison Slavery


Tune in for an hour of news, information and commentary.

Today we will speak with Paula Clarke, one the victims we discussed on yesterday’s broadcast about the April 2016 raid that was conducted against a Black community in the North Bronx and resulted in the indicted of 120 young black men on RICO conspiracy charges. After her home was broken into by agents of the federal government and NYPD slave catchers, Clarke and two of her young daughters we forced to belly crawl at gun point as slave catchers searched for her son who is serving probation and lives with his father as listed in his probation records.

After we speak with her, we will go over some of the news of the day and see how much coverage the national prison work and hunger strikes will get as prisoners, family and advocates march against legalized prison slavery and human trafficking in the United States.

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