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BTR News – Black Rifles Do Matter

Crowdfunding Digital Black Media
Tune in for an hour or more of social/political news, information and commentary from the perspective of Black Talk Radio News host Scotty Reid. Scotty Reid has been hosting and producing a news talk radio since 2007 and has interviewed hundreds of guests on various topics.

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2 Replies to “BTR News – Black Rifles Do Matter”

  1. Scotty I have listened many days…all day. I even bought a t-shirt. Another baby got killed in Ohio by police over a supposed $10 heist, which the victim wanted to forget on Sept. 14th. Talk,talk, talk im tired of talk and no action. All these so call pundits should be leading protest at ALL police stations across America…oh but that is work. Good luck but I can no longer listen to some talking heads with no action. Our babies trump EVERYTHING!

    1. I don’ understand your comment. This is a talk radio network and many of these issues don’t get discussed unless we report and relay information. Everyone has a role to play, our role is and always has been to report news and host discussion of that news. Our groundbreaking radio program New Abolitionists Radio has interviewed those who are doing and not just talking. There are plenty of people doing and not just talking. Just yesterday on Black Talk Radio News you heard from a doer asking listeners to do something and get involved in the Turn Off Killer Radio campaign launching next month.

      So, I am saying, what would you like to see happen and are you involved in any actions in your local community to confront these issues? IF you are, we would love to report on the efforts so others might join.

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