BTR News – Another Afghani-American alleged in violent protest of US foreign policy

Ahmad Khan Rahami  & Omar Mateen.
Afghani-Americans Ahmad Khan Rahami & Omar Mateen.

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Another alleged lone wolf attack occurred in both New York and New Jersey. The alleged bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami like the alleged Pulse night club shooter Omar Mateen is a Afghani-American.

Ahmad Khan Rahami survived to stand trial for the cowardly attack on civilians in New York and New Jersey. Killing civilians because the US military and clandestine services does it does not give anyone a license to indiscriminately target civilians. CEO Obama responded to these attacks with a George Bush style “they hate us for our freedom” speech.

CEO Obama is begging Black voters to vote for Hillary Clinton and that he would take it personal if she ware not selected to be the next CEO of USA Inc. The children who were called “super predators” in the 90s and represent the Black vote under 35 are not buying what the Democrats are trying to bully them into doing.

Speaking of CEO Obama, a Black slave catcher in the Dallas Police Department is suing him, BLM, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and a bunch of others claiming they started a race war and behind the hatred for slave catchers. It is of course a bunch of nonsense racist suspects put him up to doing.

An article came out today which is supposed to be manual on how to fix whiteness in corporate/state media. I don’t think it is a good strategy to put more black faces on white propaganda.

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