BTR News: Discussing Cali’s Prop 57 which could bring relief to victims of prison slavery w/ LeRon Barton

Victim of prison slavery

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Today BTR News welcomes author and activist LeRon Barton back to the program to discuss s article he wrote in support of California’s ballot imitative that could free victims of modern slavery and human trafficking. Mr. Barton’s piece is titled “Why I am Voting YES on PROP 57“.

California Proposition 57, Parole for Non-Violent Criminals and Juvenile Court Trial Requirements (2016).

We will look at the latest reports on the national prison strikes that continue to be ignored by mainstream and independent media alike. The strikes by victims of America’s continued use of slave labor seek to address slave wages corporations, states and the US government pays prisons, often non-violent so-called drug offenders, but participants have stated they wish to see an end to the school-to–prison pipeline that exists in the country.


The officer caught on film killing a Black male motorist is trying to justify the murder by claiming she “thought” forty-year old Terence Crutcher was on drugs. The killing which was caught only on a helicopter’s cam showed Mr. Crutcher with his hands in the air before being gunned down by a killer cop who believes her life and that of her fellow slave catcher’s iives are more important than citizens like Mr. Crutcher.

Now contrast the circumstances surrounding Mr. Crutcher’s murder and the apprehension of a former basketball player who was taken alive after threatening to bomb an elementary school.

From USA Today,

“Chris Craig, 35, who has struggled with mental illness, sent a rambling email to the El Paso Times before the incident began and in the email threatened to take explosives to Eagle Valley Elementary School in the town of Eagle Mountain, about 30 miles west of Provo, Utah.

“This is an American tragedy,” said Rus Bradburd, a former assistant basketball coach at UTEP, who was in contact with the FBI in case they needed him to talk to Craig during the standoff Monday afternoon in Utah.

“I offered to talk to him today because I was really worried that it would not end well,” Bradburd said. “I’m really relieved and I congratulate the police in Utah for using discretion. I don’t think Chris is dangerous. He just needs help. It’s heartbreaking.”

Chris Craig certainly seems to have benefited from his privileged status in his community. We can not say that for the countless other victims of modern day slave catchers.

The helicopter pilot could be heard profiling Mr. Crutcher before he was gunned down by Officer Betty Shelby of the Tulsa Police stating “looks like a bad dude … might be on something.”.

It should also be noted that slave catcher Betty Shelby recently took some sort of drug recognition program where apparently they teach slave catchers to kill people who might be on drugs.

Terence Crutcher: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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