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BTR News – #CharlotteProtest Updates and what protests accomplish

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New Abolitionist Radio, an online digital radio program that focuses on the issues of legalized slavery and human trafficking was recognized at the Missouri Cure’s third annual conference that was held in Missouri

Considering the home base of the Black Talk Media Project is somewhere near Charlotte and our friends and family members in Mecklenburg County, BTR News will continue its coverage of the protest that emerged from spontaneous demonstrations around the city the day Keith Lamont Scott was gun downed in the parking lot of his apartment complex.

For five days straight of protest in Charlotte after the initial violent outburst said to have been sparked by the Charlotte slave patrols attempts to forcefully break up gatherings of people both sadden and angry about yet another casualty of the brutality slave catchers in USA Inc. More are recognizing that slave catchers inflict physical harm as it is necessary to enforce the laws that lead to slavery and permanent second-class citizen-ship status for millions even after serving their sentence to slavery. The protests have basically shut down the business district of Charlotte which is located on Tryon St. Some of the business affected included Bank of America and other corporations in the financial sector also located in the vicinity.

The Charlotte slave catchers have been pressured successfully and police recorded videos of the shooting of Mr. Keith Scott have been released as the family and protesters demanded. Video has emerged of a white male driver purposely driving though the peaceful protests and brandishing a gun looking to start trouble. Although it is against North Carolina law to brandish a firearm at a protest, Charlotte slave-catchers allowed the thug to drive off. Of course white racist outlets like Brietbart are claiming this was an act of the suspected racist expressing his 2nd Amendment right.

If people don’t seem to grasp what protesting accomplishes, and want to belittle the efforts of activist and organizations mobilizing for varied reasons and can not seem to be empathetic to the cries of the most oppressed people on the planet, I hope to answer some of the questions from my perspective on what “protesting” accomplishes and what it aims to do based on what I have learned from reading about people like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and others throughout history who have demonstrated and protested including pre-1865 abolitionists. There have been over 100 protests/demonstrations over the killing of American citizens over in 2016.

Speaking of questions being answered, I want to thank a listener in Washington, DC for emailing me the answer to my questions about whether or not the new African-American Museum promoting racism and white supremacy and where would it start its historical timeline, Pre-Colonial, Colonia, Civil War, Civil Rights / Black Power period, how much Afro-American history would it cover? Read the email.

Lastly, I just came across some more of the history of Afro-Carolinians in the state of North Carolina. Apparently, 5,000 Afro-Carolinians picked up arms during the civil war to end slavery but was of course betrayed by the treacherous Abraham Lincoln.

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