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BTR News – Los Angeles news stations reportedly falsifying reports on the civil unrest in Charlotte, NC

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Continuing reporting on the unrest in Charlotte, NC, a host of Change Matters: Solutions radio program on BTRN, this morning stated that television news reports in Los Angeles have been falsely reporting events in Charlotte, NC which has experienced protests and demands of transparency in the investigation of the slave catcher’s killing of Mr. Kieth Scott. It appears those outlets would have people in Los Angeles believe there have been five days of rioting and the city of Charlotte is burning to ground. This is not any different than the racist newspapers spreading disinformation about Black people freedom movements on this land.

Violence and “inner city” crime was a topic of the system approved candidates for CEO of USA Inc last night. Chicago is always the outlier that people bring up to portray all communities of color throughout the country as violent places when gun violence happens all over the nation like the most recent mall shooting with multiple victims. However, with 9 people killed and 45 allegedly wounded in Chicago over the weekend, lets take a look at the situation and I think we will find circumstantial evidence that would indicate that no one in the federal, state or city government is truly interested in solving problems with violence in the city.

Speaking of the Houston mall attack police can be seen in a photo finding a Nazi swastika among other items found in the car of the alleged shooter Arcan Cetin.

The shooting comes days after five people were killed by a gunman at a Washington state mall. And earlier this month, a 20-year-old man stabbed 10 people at a Minnesota mall before he was fatally shot by an off-duty police officer.

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