The C.O.W.S. Charlo Greene: 54 Years in Prison for Cannabis or Being Uppity?

Tuesday, October 11th 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

fuck-it-i-quitThe Context of White Supremacy welcomes Charlo Greene. A former journalist for KTVA in Alaska, Ms. Greene became a viral sensation when she resigned live on air, ditching her reporting gig to become a cannabis entrepreneur in Alaska. The state legalized recreational use of marijuana in November of 2014. Ms. Greene invested her time and energy to help end cannabis prohibition in her home state. She founded the Alaska Cannabis Club to provide safe access for adults to acquire the herb. Unbeknownst, to Ms. Greene, “Detectives immediately targeted the operation, with six undercover purchases and two raids in a five-month period, records show.” The former reporter is now facing 14 offenses and could spend more than a half century in prison. We’re anxious to hear if Ms. Greene thinks she’s being targeted for “uppity” exit from KTVA. We’ll also ask Ms. Greene to compare her case to the rhetorical claims that legalizing cannabis will reduce police targeting and terrorism against black citizens.


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