BTR News – Mickey D’s hit with boycott letters concerning chain’s support of Killer Radio stations

Tune in for an hour of news and commentary from a Black perspective.

Today Bro. Kwabena Rasuli representing Clear The Airwaves Project will be joining us today to discuss the letters sent to McDonald’s corporate threatening boycotts over its sponsorship of the murder music targeting Black communities by the Killer Radio stations in “urban” markets.

“Concerned citizens throughout are sending letters similar to this to the CEO of McDonalds pledging that we will no longer patronize their fast food joints because of their financial support of these Killer Radio Stations and the Death Musick’ they spew out to their listeners – Our Youth! Want to also talk about the need to have more warriors work with us to clear the airwaves of this madness. Plus the now protest app that sends the e-mail directly to the chair of the Federal Communications Commission demanding that they enforce their own regulations on the broadcasting of indecent content at certain times of the day!” – Clear The Airwaves Project

Plus, lets discuss the racist teacher on paid leave for telling 6th graders in Kansas that white people are superior because they make more money than non-white people.

This news and possibly more today on BTR News.

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