Racist teacher believes systemic racism makes white people superior

By Scotty Reid – An unidentified white male middle school social studies teacher in Kansas has been suspended with pay after he is alleged to have told students in his class that white people are superior because of systemic discrimination related to pay that other groups had more earning potential than blacks did.

While to some people this “educator” may appear to be making accurate statements about the superiority of white people, the reality is that in the right context, there is no scientific evidence to support this bold statement.

While evidence does show that Black people regularly suffer racism in pay discrimination within the United States, a white person benefiting from a rigged system based on racism is not “superior” to their non-white counter-parts. They are in a superior position artificially created by racist societies by way of their social and political systems. They benefit from the racist patterns and practices of the numerically dominate population in the United States that has for centuries codified racism in the creation, enforcement or non-enforcement of law. They do not have to do anything but be born “white” to benefit from the racist system that created racial classifications. A superior being would not need such advantages but would be able to compete on their own individual merits.

As a species of humans, they are not biologically or intellectually superior and why a large number of white people feel angst at loosing their artificially created advantage in the current system as their population numbers loose ground to non-white groups. This explains the vast amount of white people supporting a political candidate like Donald J. Trump. This also explains why a grown ass man would go the extra-ordinary step to openly practice racism against black children by declaring his superiority and their inferiority in a classroom.

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