The Lotus Place – 50 years since Black Panther Party founded and racist terrorism persists

Tune in for two hours of discussion on social issues, hot topics and more on The Lotus Place.

Black Panther Party 50 Year Anniversary & Mississippi teenager attacked with noose by classmates. Tune in tonight as we examine the origin, history, struggle & legacy of the Black Panther Party.

We will look into the noose attack involving a black teenager in Mississippi. As a parent, what would you do if a group attacked your child with a noose & what actions should the school board take?

Should Black People Vote in Nov. & for which Pres. candidate?

Mind, Body, & Spirit & Melanin & more w/ Feather Light.

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October 26, 2016… 9 p C/10 p E…
Call in 641-715-3660/Access Code 549032#
Join in the lively discussions that always take place at THE LOTUS PLACE!

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