Suspected racist Maria Daly tries to frame BLM for fake home invasion

The wife of a Millbury, Massachusetts slave catcher stands accused of faking a home invasion and tagging the couple’s home with the letters “BLM” to connect the umbrella group to the crime. Blaming Black Lives Matter is extremely popular among suspected white racists not to exclude the proxy racists slave catchers like Milwaukee, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke who is give national platforms to spew his vile hatred for the group of social justice activists.

The accused liar and suspected racist Maria Daly, reported the fake home invasion to police and even took to social media to post about the fake crime and described the fake robbers as “hating without a cause”.

According to Millbury Police Chief Donald Desorcy, investigators have determined the entire account was false.

“Something wasn’t quite right,” said Desorcy. “I think that was pretty obvious and as a result of that investigation, the officers did their due diligence and followed through with the investigation that we had.”

“Basically we came to the conclusion that it was all fabricated,” said Desorcy. “There was no intruder, there was no burglary.”

Maria Daly is only facing charges of filing a false police report and misleading a police investigation. Seems like the charges should include a hate crime against BLM and if the cops won’t charge her then perhaps BLM chapters in the state should go after her in civil court. In Massachusetts, there are both criminal and civil laws that address hate crimes.

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3 Replies to “Suspected racist Maria Daly tries to frame BLM for fake home invasion”

  1. The motive was money and I’m sure she filled a false insurance claim by now. Where are the insurance fraud charges? Criminally she attempted to start a root. A K_9 officer works at night? Where was he?

    1. Great points, where is the insurance fraud or attempted insurance fraud charges? She is getting off lightly for sure.

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