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Being at the end point of history of our people, who wanted FREEDOM, SELF DETERMINATION, PEACE, JUSTICE,  join nightly, experience a Mental Physical remembering Who Am I?

The greatest impediment to  knowledge of self  is self perception. There is a general misperception that one is ones body, feelings, mind. The mind is the first broadcasting station and receiving set for the vibration of thought.

If our true self is in the likeness of God (something sometimes loosely mentioned by Christians and others),  then what should we call our body which we falsely identify as self? The term person coined for this purpose, literally means (per) ’through’ and “sound” son, sona.

There is an entity, something with distinct, independent being that sees, hears, smells, taste and feels, yet cannot itself be perceived.  The entity is the self.

Knowledge of self is the power to create individuals, families, communities, system where no one is mistreated and who needs the most constructive help receives it.





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