University of Oregon finds Caucasian Law Professor Guilty of Racism

By Scotty Reid, BTR News – The University of Oregon has concluded an investigation to determine if one of its Caucasian law professors violated the school’s anti-harassment policy when she wore blackface to a Halloween costume party that was attended by other faculty members and students. This comes after the educator was suspended for the incident while as many as 23 of her colleagues demanded her resignation.

On Dec. 21, the school’s provost Mr. Scott Coltrane, issued an official statement on the investigation and found that, although Professor Nancy Shurtz had apologized for her costume, it still constituted harassment under the institution’s anti-discrimination policies.

The Barran Liebman LLP law firm in Portland according to local news reports conducted the investigation.

According to Professor Shurtz, she was attempting to start a conversation about racism by practicing racism and claimed she was pretending to be Dr. Damon Tweedy who authored the book “Black Man in a White Coat: A Doctor’s Reflections on Race and Medicine”. The theme of the book is about being classified as black in the racist United States literally being bad for your health.

In relation to Professor Shurtz act of visual terrorism against people classified as African-American, her defense is weak in that it is implying that one must engage in a reprehensible act of blackface in order to start a conversation about the literal ills of racism at a law school.

No word on whether Professor Shurtz will retain her position at the University of Oregon.

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