Former Sailor Asks President Obama For Pardon And Leniency Like Hillary Clinton

By Scotty Reid, BTR News – A former sailor serving time for mishandling classified information is blaming Hillary Clinton and the coverage of her off the books private email setup for what he calls a harsh sentence when he did far less than what the former Secretary of State did and her assistants did in grossly mishandling highly classified records. He is seeking a presidential pardon and has filed a petition through his attorney to President Barack Obama citing the comparatively lenient treatment of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Former Machinist’s Mate 1st Class Kristian Saucier pleaded guilty during Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House last summer in which information came to light about her private basement server which circumvented the State Department’s record keeping system. The former sailor’s case involved charges relating to six pictures of classified spaces he took on his cell phone on the attack submarine Alexandria that he wanted for mementos.

Yet the FBI and the very Justice Department that aggressively took over and prosecuted the Saucier case, let Clinton off without charges in a case involving reams of top secret emails in addition to the use of a forbidden Blackberry device used to transmit classified.

“While my conduct in taking the six photos was admittedly wrong and without excuse, the Department of Justice’s heavy-handed response to my misconduct was certainly a product of the scrutiny brought about by a fervent political climate and not by the gravity of my misconduct,” Saucier wrote in the petition to the White House filed Monday.

“Indeed, if not for the high level of the Clinton misconduct and the lengthy presidential campaign process, there can be no doubt that my far less egregious acts of taking six photos of my work station would have otherwise been received with a significantly lower form of punishment.”

Saucier was kicked out the US Navy, his family lost all their benefits and he is serving a 1-year sentence in prison. If Obama fails to grant relief, the former sailor hopes CEO-elect Trump will be more sympathetic.

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