New Abolitionists Radio Weekly – Divesting Black Dollars From Modern Slavery

Tune in for two hours of news, information and commentary on 21st Century Slavery & Human Trafficking.

During the first half-hour we will speak to our special guest speaker Ms. Nataki Kambon, pronounced (nah-tah-key calm-bawn). Professionally, Nataki Kambon is a small business growth strategist and consultant. She works with entrepreneurs to grow businesses into profitable self sustaining enterprises through marketing, management, operations and accounting services. Through her 15 year tenure as a consultant, Nataki has had the opportunity to help a range of clients from commercial contractors, retailers, medical facilities, and even rocket scientists.

Nataki Kambon

In 2014 Nataki was appointed as the spokesperson for the Let’s Buy Black 365 Black Economic Empowerment Movement, “where change makes sense”. Since then she has been an invited guest on dozens of radio programs, national conferences and a served as a liaison for national and international partnerships. It is her personal mission within the Lets Buy Black 365 movement to “shift the self-esteem of every individual so he or she can recognize that they are not powerless. In their hands, they hold the power to change the condition of Black people throughout the Diaspora just by changing how he or she spends his or her money.”

The Lets Buy Black 365 movement announced that they have incorporated a divestment campaign that aims to redirect Black dollars away from the companies who use Black labor enslaved through the US prison systems including the federal government and private companies.

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