BTR News: The “Alternative Facts” About Slavery In America

By Scotty Reid – Over the weekend, the hash tag Alternative Facts was trending on social media. It was based on the comments Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway made in defense of Trump’s press secretary. In a non-story that widely circulated by corporate media and pushed by social media users, Sean Spicer was widely mocked for telling falsehoods about the comparative size of Obama’s inauguration crowds vs. Trumps. Kellyanne Conway was then widely mocked after describing Spicer’s insignificant false claims about crowd sizes as “alternative facts” in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

However, so-called “alternative facts” about the abolishment of slavery in the United States is still being taught in American schools. On the 150th Anniversary of the ratification of the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution, the amendment that many believe wrongly abolished slavery, President Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation in which he never acknowledges the exception clause of Lincolns Slavery Compromise of 1865 which says that a person can be enslaved or put into involuntary servitude if first convicted of a crime.

Despite the consistent teaching of alternative facts concerning the abolishment of slavery in the USA, people are starting to become wise to the deception of this alternative fact and it is due to the work of people who describe themselves as new abolitionists. Ava Duvernay, the celebrated film maker has been nominated for an Oscar for her Netflix issued documentary the “13th” in which it is made clear that what people are calling mass incarceration is really legalized modern slavery by way of the 13th Amendment.

It is time the corporate media, the US government and educators and so called educated people to stop teaching alternative facts and history about slavery in the United States.

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