New Abolitionists Radio Weekly: Netflix Documentary “13th” Nominated for Oscar


Today is the January 25th 2017 broadcast of New Abolitionists Radio.
4 weeks deep into 2017 and the insanity that is for all intents and purposes the new rise of the slave state confederacy.

We’ve got a bunch of stories, events, breaking news, wins and losses to share as it pertains to the abolitionist movement. hell, we’re even nominated for an Oscar. So let’s skip the long intro today and just get to it. Time is short.

• Our Rider Of The 21st Century Underground Railroad is Isaiah McCoy, a death row prisoner for years, who walked out of the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution in Wilmington and into his young daughters’ embraces on Thursday night just hours after a judge found him not guilty of murder in his second trial.

• Our Abolitionist in profile this week will be provided by Scotty Reid.

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