‘JAIL PSYCHOTHERAPY’-APPROPRIATE WORDS MATTER- Enslavement Capitalism=Physical Exploitation, Psychological Subjugation, Social Control= “NEVER ENDED!”

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We are recognizing exhaustion of wisdom in the Socialization Process that never provided and can never provide information, education to help solve problems of nonwhite or most people. Justice radio station PREMISE-LESSON ONE-Boasting the Antidote to unite everyone, the only thing to unite all, Absolute Truth. Recognizing, resolving Identity Crisis. I am here now with Absolute Truth, the Antidote, Take it Personally. The antidote, revisit idea about knowledge of self. Knowledge of self, not a cliché or slogan. the beginning and end of all knowledge is knowledge of the self. Thanks for sharing worldwide, email-democracyversusjustice@gmail.com

Where does one start in pursuing Absolute truth? Start with the Source,Absolute Truth. Appropriate Words Matter.
Physical exploitation, Psychological subjugation, Social control=NEVER ENDED!

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