New Abolitionists Radio: The Resurrection of the American Slavocracy State

Today is the February 8th broadcast of New Abolitionists Radio.
6 weeks deep into 2017 and the resurrection of the American slavocracy State. Tonight we mark the 8th day of this Black History Month

• Our guest this broadcast will be the organizer of the Savanna, GA August 19th Millions for Prisoners March on Washington. Sister T. Hickson. The state leader of the Inmates Lives Matter Georgia chapter.

Just prior to our broadcast she attended a Town hall discussion on the 13th amendment sponsored by the Savanna, GA collegiate chapter of the NAACP. Sister Hickson will give us a 1st hand report on the event.

• We’ll also go over the recent press release from JHS on the August 19th March.

• Tonight we will share new information which shows the US has spent Double what was previously reported on incarceration in the US.

• During the broadcast we hope to share information that puts the US model of modern slavery into a global perspective.

• If we are fortunate we may get a call tonight from our former guest and Rider of the 21st century Underground Railroad Sundhe Moses. From what we gather, today the monster who tortured him and many others into a false confession former NYPD Det. Louis Scarcella took the stand in the latest of his convictions to come under review

Our Rider Of The 21st Century Underground Railroad this week is Tony Wright who walked out of the prison where he had spent 25 years of his life for a brutal crime he didn’t commit.

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