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The Context of White Supremacy welcomes the operator of the Black Women of Brazil website. The online resource “is a photographic and informational blog featuring a diverse array of Brazilian Women of African descent. As much of the English speaking world is not familiar with the history of African descendants in Brazil, it also features news, essays, reports and interviews spanning an array of topics including race, racism, hair, affirmative action, police brutality, etc. intended to give a more complete view of  the experiences of black women in particular and black people in general in Brazil with a goal of provoking discussion through the lens of race.” Since the highest population of black people in the Western hemisphere resides in Brazil, this is a critical region of the planet to investigate. The 2016 Olympic games were hosted in Brazil, but the extravaganza didn’t help out black Brazilians at all. We’ll compare and contrast how Racism is typically discussed in South America with our general racial conversations in the US. We’ll also discuss President Trump’s immigration restrictions.


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3 Replies to “The C.O.W.S. BLACK WOMEN OF BRAZIL”

  1. oh , one other thing, it wasnt a coup, tavares is severly misinformed and doesnt understand the reality behind the rip offs

  2. the more i listen to this interveiw, its too bad that marques tavares is hung up and obsessed by interracial unions

  3. marques tavares has a blog, that is 90 percent positive , and welcome about issues of black women of brazil.

    but, his anti interracial union issues and hang ups about passistas dancing with exposed skin and shaking hips ( his words usualy) , undermines the great work he does

    his anti interracial union issues, stems from a cliche brainwash that brazil in its history , encouraged white people to intermarry and have mixed children to whiten up brazil . in reality, brazil did bring a huge amount of white immigrants from italy and germany to attempt to whiten brazil. but , many people like him always refer to one painting , just one painting , imply that is the history of brazil wanting inter mairedge and mixed children.

    not only that, most black women are with black men…he is full of anecdotes about interracial unions but he is just stereotyping and pegging interracial unions. you have to deal with each interracial union on its own terms.

    there is so much wrong with that, in the sence that, there is no real historic indication of a campain that encouraged interracial unions of phenotype whites with phenotype blacks

    this was a subject talked about in elite white circles, as more of a hope , than any actual campain to try to make that happen, including, its ridiculous to think that these very white elites would want a black phenotype person marrying and having mixed children in their families.

    where is the actual physical evidence of any campain pushing that ( besides the one painting that is always used in this, and hindsight black activists trying to push this bs)? this immigration of whites from europe was the actual whitening process, not an actual great physical campain to push interracial unions and mixed kids.

    the real reason there was so much mixture is because , they didnt have a violent cival war around slavery like the usa. they didnt have actual jim crow laws but they do have seperation.

    of course there is racism , but , the encouraging of interracial unions to whiten the population as a national campain just doesnt exist in any body of evidence . and if it was that time , 1888 to 1920 , that this suposed whitening concepts took place , there should be a huge body of physical evidence, and there isnt.

    as far as his hangups about passistas and exposed skin and shaking hips, what a pity he has hangups about it, trying to parlay it into some black women as “sexualised” for the white gaze..

    in truth, the black woman is blocked from having a beautiful sexy image , she is left out of the standards of beauty. the passistas are one of the only incredable examples of black beautiful talented sensual women that you can find anywhere and its only for two weeks a year.

    these women for the last 30 years are starting to be replaced by models and actrises who are lots of time white.

    marques doesnt even know much about the reality of passistas and the art involved. originaly , his critiques of passistas didnt even understand they come from the favelas of rio, that is the origins , he treated it as though it was a general advertising ploy by whites all over brazil to push sexuality

    if you go to rio and go to the beach, you will see thousands of women in bikinis smaller than any victoria secrets models, it is part of the reality of brazil. these passistas are in no way out of context from the normal sensuality you see in rio normaly.

    this is repressed hung up attitudes , mixed with militant womens feminist hang ups about sexuality, black militant attitudes using fanon as some template against interracial union, and , pushing the myth of the black woman as the white mans ultimate sexual desire…

    of course there are white men that are dirty thinking and who might think like that…but, to just assume that the average white man thinks the black women is only for sex is like thinking if some black men steal , black people are theifs..

    ive lived in brazil more than thirty years , i can speak on these issues big time for hours .

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