Papers filed by the New York Police Department seem to reveal that the department is using 60s era COINTELPRO tactics against a new generation of activists. After Eric Garner was choked out by a NYPD undercover officer, they then sent its undercover officers to infiltrate protests led by Black Lives Matter in the city.

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One Reply to “BTR News: NYPD Used COINTELPRO Tactics on BLM”

  1. The FBI continues to murder civilians, activist and whistle blowers using the exact same illegal practices that were exposed in the 1970s in their cointelpro operations. Stalking, harassing, drugging, even the reported rape and murder of individuals nationwide that now refer to themselves as targeted individuals. This large group of victims also claims that they are victims of the same ultrasound weapons that were used on the US diplomats in Cuba.
    With respectable NSA whistleblowers William Binney, Kirk Wiebe and Karen Melton Stewart standing alongside many doctors and scientists this programs existence is hard to deny.
    Dr Nick Begich, brother of Senator Tom Begich and son of late Senator Nick Begich speaks in depth about the technology being used in these assaults.
    The mere knowledge spreading nationwide of the FBI’s illegal actions has done little to stop these crimes. The deaths continue to grow as the information of these crimes as well as the victims themselves are censored on every fronT

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