BTR News: Can Rep. Keith Ellison Capture DNC Chair?

The Democrats are in rebuilding mode after the colossal but not unexpected loss Donald Trump and the GOP handed Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Part of the reason but not the sole reason for the loss was the unethical nomination process the party ran to favor Hillary Clinton over all comers. The DNC failed to tap into the enthusiasm of Gen Xers and Millennials who shunned the neoliberalism of the current Democrat party that stands for military adventurism, imperialism and big money donors.

The DNC is getting close to choosing a new DNC Chairman after its last Chairperson, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was forced to resign for unethical dealings during the primary season. It appears that Keith Ellison may be the strongest candidate entering into the home stretch as he picks up the endorsement of Congressman John Lewis. Lewis, a civil rights movement icon, explained why he endorsed Ellison in a recent video saying Ellison “has the ability and the capacity to inspire people to stand out, to speak up, to speak out.” “We need his leadership. We need his vision. We need his commitment and his dedication now more than ever before,” Lewis says. “Keith wants our party not just to wait until the next election but to organize now for the long haul.”

However, Ellison by no means has the position locked up as former President Obama who oversaw the collapse of the Democratic Party losing hundreds of elected seats during his eight years in office, is trying to shove his former Labor Secretary Tom Perez down the throats of the party members just as he sought to shove Hillary Clinton down their throats.

If the Democrat Party wants to return to relevance again, it would do well to listen to the future of the party or they can continue to push the corporate candidates that their big money donors want and continue to lose as the last election proved, big money doesn’t win elections, votes do and if they want the votes then they must elect Keith Ellison to become the next DNC Chairman.

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