BTR News: The MSM Misuse Of The Term Anti-Semitism

Malcolm X once said “the media is the most powerful entity on the planet….it controls the minds of the masses”. The power of the mainstream corporate media is on full display right now as they push headline after headline about the terrorism some Jewish communities in the United States are experiencing calling it “antisemitism”. These acts of terrorism are unfortunate and should be condemned by every decent person but what they are not is antisemitism.

I have heard those on the left and the right of the political spectrum in the United States, misapply the term “antisemitism” in relation to American, European and Israeli Jews and while Jews in the United States have seen an increase in hate based crimes against them, the mainstream media is incorrectly using the term.

Recently, Republican Rick Santorum in trying to deflect false accusations of antisemitism, claimed that if anyone is to blame for a rise in antisemitism, it is those people on college campuses who are Muslim or Pro-Palestinian. It is possible he is referring to the BDS movement and more on that later. What Mr. Santorum seems to not know is that the Palestinian people under occupation by the Israelis, are in fact Semites according to the definition of the word Semite.  

The term Semitic most commonly refers to the Semitic languages, a name used since the 1770s to refer to the language family currently present in West Asia, North and East Africa, and Malta.”

“The Semitic languages are a branch of the Afroasiatic language family originating in the Middle East. Semitic languages are spoken by more than 330 million people across much of Western Asia, North Africa and the Horn of Africa, as well as in often large expatriate communities in North America and Europe, with smaller communities in the Caucasus and Central Asia.”

Now if we want to determine who Semites are then it stands to reason that it would be anyone belonging to a group of people, like the Palestinians, who speak one of the Semitic languages. Semite refers more to a type of language than it does a racialized phenotype or skin color.

If we use the word Semitic according to the proper definition, then the majority of Jews, adherents of a religion, who do not speak one of the Semitic languages but speak German based Yiddish language, then it is easy to see how the mainstream corporate media is using the term “antisemitic” incorrectly and by using it exclusively to refer to Jews, has led to confusion and the continued dumbing down of the American public.

It is my opinion that the word is misused purposely in order to shield the nation of Israel with a dominant population of Yiddish speakers, from accusations of its mistreatment of the Palestinians which in fact, is antisemitism.

I remember during the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton going to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and giving a one sided militaristic speech where she sought to paint any criticism of Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinians as “antisemitism” when again, in fact, it is the Israelis who are the number one antisemitism on the planet.  Clinton went as far as to demonize the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement which is globally aimed at ending Apartheid in Israel. She sought to make it seem like those standing up for the human rights of the Palestinians are criminals. Never mind the fact that the Israeli government practices apartheid and engages in racist terrorism against the Black Jewish communities inside of Israel, something Clinton has never addressed even after admissions of the Israeli government that it engaged in ethnic cleansing of the non-white Jewish Ethiopian community cutting their population by half over ten years.
Do not get me wrong, Jews suffer from hate based crimes but it is based on their religion, Judaism. If anything besides terrorism, it is religious bigotry.

The fact that the corporate media can get away with misusing words in a way that have nothing to do with their true definitions, shows you the power of the media to control the minds of their clueless victims and further shows how ignorant people are in the United States.

Now apparently their false accusations of antisemitism have expanded by calling those who use the terms “Globalism” and “Corporate Media”, antisemitic. This is pure media manipulation and the masses of people continue to fall for it without ever once using a dictionary to actually look up the meaning of these words being used incorrectly by corporate media. It is the epitome of intellectual laziness.

We can condemn religious bigotry and terrorism directed at the American Jewish community without incorrectly calling it “antisemitism”. The mainstream corporate media does not get to change the definitions of words for those of us who know better.

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