New Abolitionists Radio: Women Historically Linked To Abolitionism In The USA

Tune in for news and information related to 21st Century Slavery and Human Trafficking. Tonight’s broadcast of NA Radio on 3/1/2017 falls on the first day of Women’s History month so we want to give a shout out to all the women abolitionists past and present. Women are being perversely targeted in modern slavery with statistics showing they are the fasting growing group being turned into prison slaves. The ACLU in statics they have released show that “one million women are behind bars or under the control of the criminal injustice system and women are the fastest growing segment of the incarcerated population increasing at nearly double the rate of men since 1985.

Overwhelmingly the women are women of color, particularly black Women followed by Hispanic women, White women and other non-white categories. Black women represent 30% of all incarcerated women in the U.S, although they represent only 13% of the female population generally. Among all female state prisoners, two-thirds of them are mothers of minor children representing the destruction of families just like during slavery Pre-1865.

Max Parthas is off tonight as he takes some time with his family so it will be Yohanan Eliyah and Scotty Reid holding down the new abolitionist’s fort. We are scheduled to be joined by the Charleston BLM Chapter President Muhiyyidin D’baha who was recently arrested for taking action against would be terrorist who support slavery.

Of course we have our regular news segments pulled from the timeline of our FB page New Abolitionists Radio which reached over 150,000 people in January 2017 and continues to be a vital tool in spreading awareness about legalized slavery and human trafficking. a rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad and our Abolitionist in profile is Sojourner Truth who was recently mentioned by Donald Trump in commenting on Black History.

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