BTR News: The American Russia Public Affairs Committee Conference

The American Russia Political Affairs Committee concluded its annual conference in Washington, DC on Tuesday. There was very little coverage by way of the big corporate news outlets. Democratic and Republican congressional leaders took the stage on the final day of the conference to reaffirm their commitment to maintaining policies that have directed trillions of U.S. dollars to the government of Russia.

American tax dollars have been flowing to Russia since 1949 in the form of military, economic and travel aid but it not much talked about in the mainstream media. There is subsidized housing for people who relocate from their present countries to Russia after first providing proof that their families practice the official Russian government sanctioned religion. Only then can they be given a home in Russian settlements.  

The display of Russian partisanship hours before pro-Russian activists headed to the U.S. Congress to lobby for Russia, was a proud moment for the American Russia Public Affairs Committee. Pro-Russian first activist have always sought to expand their influence over the power brokers of both US political parties.

It was both Democrats and Republicans, who decried the Obama administration’s decision in its final days to allow a U.N. Security Council resolution vote that condemned Russia’s ever expanding settlements.

President Donald Trump working with Congress, is currently in the process of defunding many programs that Americans have relied on to help them survive in a country where the wealthiest of Americans continue to pocket a disportionate share of the wealth generated off American labor. The Trump administration has signaled that it wants to slash total foreign assistance by ⅓ but has not said if it will exempt Russia from those cuts.

Now what if I told you that the information in this report is true in every regard other than changing the names of parties involved which are in truth, Israel and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee?

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