Thando Radio Show: Wise Wednesday With Bro Davis “The Art Of You”

Tune in for global news and current events along with commentary from a prepper’s perspective. Lots of things in the news today to report after which we will begin Wise Wednesday with Bro. Davis of Team Davis. Today will be a continuation of examining “self” to make sure external influences are not having a negative outcome for you as an individual.

Whats in The News?

‘I feel duped’: Why bank employees with impressive but misleading titles could cost you big time, Mike Black says he feels “completely betrayed” after trusting RBC employees with impressive-sounding titles to manage his life savings, only to earn far below the market average for six years. “I worked 35 years at two jobs and saved up a considerable amount due to the fact that I didn’t have a pension and would need money for retirement,” said Black, who managed to put away nearly $1 million.

Justices Side With Free-Speech Challenge to Credit Card Fees
WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that the First Amendment applies to a New York law concerning credit card fees. The decision was a victory for five businesses that had sought to tell their customers that they imposed a surcharge for using credit cards.

Privacy Concerns Loom as Congress Moves to Allow Internet Providers to Share Users’ Sensitive Data

The House of Representatives voted this week to repeal a law previously passed by the Obama administration, requiring Internet Service Providers to gain permission from users in order to access and share certain pieces of personal information with advertisers (via The Washington Post ).

Hackers could wipe out the internet with Ikea’s latest lightbulbs

Ikea’s new range of lightbulbs, which you can control from your smartphone, could one day be used to carry out massive hack attacks, experts have warned. As far-fetched as it might sound, enterprising cyber-crooks might be able to use these lights to wipe out the internet and grind everyday activities to a halt.

Humans have big brains because we like one specific type of food

Science tells us that humans evolved from primate ancestors and that despite the fact that apes still exist, we’re actually just a different branch on the same family tree. But why did our ancient predecessors grow larger, more complex brains than their peers?

California Bill SB18 Wants Authority to Enter Homes to Ensure Parents Comply with State Mandates for Child Care

As we have continued to see increased cases of medical kidnapping and aggressive overreach of the medical system and the marriage of scientific opinion to laws in the United States, parents in California may be seeing a trend first hand that is going to be played out in the rest of the nation.

SB18 New Draft 3-14

Below you will find the new amended copy of SB18 as of March 14, 2017. *Draft provided by Common Sense Media (Bill Sponsor) Click the icons below to download a copy of the amended bill in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Evidence Indicates That Universal Basic Income Improves Human Health

At the end of 2015, after a year-long journey, I achieved the realization of an idea with the help of about 140 people that has already forever changed the way I look at the very foundations – or lack thereof – upon which all of society is based.

4 Natural ‘Cures’ That Are Bad for Your Health

It’s a common misconception that natural or alternative medicine treatments are safer than prescription drugs and procedures done in traditional clinical settings. But a recent death from turmeric is proof that even natural treatments can be dangerous.

Meet the Six Big Banks Keeping Private Prisons in Business

As the advent of a Donald Trump presidency looms, speculation about what his promises of “law and order” will mean for criminal justice reform abound. While the spectrum of theories is broad, one thing seems clear: The president-elect’s plans to deport millions of immigrants bode well for the private prison industry.


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