Thando Radio Show: Protruding Entanglements, The Agenda’s Infirm Scheme For Everyone

Tune in for global news and current events along with commentary from a prepper’s perspective. Lots of things in the news today to report after which we will get into the main topic, Protruding Entanglements, The Agenda’s Infirm Scheme For Everyone!

America ‘must be prepared to use nuclear weapons against North Korea’, says ex-CIA director

The United States should be prepared to pre-empt a North Korean nuclear attack by using its own atomic weapons, a former head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has said. James Woolsey, who was a senior adviser to then-President-elect Donald Trump before abruptly resigning in January, accused “the press and public officials” of ignoring or under-reporting the threat from the dynastic dictatorship.

Shandong Gold Says It May Have Found China’s Biggest Gold Mine

Shandong Gold Group Co., China’s No. 2 producer by output, said it discovered deposits in eastern China that could be the nation’s largest discovery as it pushes to add reserves.

Trump’s funding request for U.S. border wall hits snag among some Republicans

WASHINGTON President Donald Trump’s call for $1.5 billion this year to help build a wall along the border with Mexico could be in jeopardy as fellow Republicans in Congress weigh delaying a decision on the request.

Of Two Minds – The Overlapping Crises Are Coming, Regardless of Who’s in Power

Commentators seem split into three camps: those who see Trump as a manifestation of smouldering social/economic ills, those who see Trump and his supporters as the cause of those ills, and those who see Trump as both manifestation and cause of those ills.

Should your boss get a peek at your DNA?

Bet you thought the mess that was Trumpcare was about as horrible a piece of legislation that could be concocted for ruining a lot of people’s health. Nope. A bill called the Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act, currently under enthusiastic review by Congress, will allow employers to charge their employees a higher insurance premium if they refuse to provide them with their personal genetic information.

These stories and more today on Thando Radio Show.

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