BTR News: Arabs Assault Black Patron In South Carolina Convience Store w/ Sword

BTR News – Activist Shakem Amen Akhet posted video on online of Arab employees of a store in North Charleston, SC who appear in video to be practicing Sharia against a patron accused of shoplifting.

Another patron can be heard in the background of the video pleading with the men working at Andrew’s Discount Market not to shoot the alleged shoplifter who is heard several times saying he has the money to pay.

At one point in the video, one of the attackers pulled out a long sword, like those seen in beheading videos out of Saudi Arabia and those associated with “ISIS”. The sword appeared to be much longer than the white supremacist terrorist James Harris Jackson used to kill 66 year old US citizen Timothy Caughman because of his skin color.

In the United States and South Carolina, the death penalty and removing peoples hands like they do to alleged thieves in Saudi Arabia, is not on the table. The protocol is to detain, call police and press charges and let the allegations play out in court.

Mr. Akhet also published a screen shot of the store’s Facebook page which appears to be the same employees seen attacking the patron in the video toting grins and assault rifles.

Given Arab’s ancestral and religious ties to African slavery and human trafficking, racism can never be ruled out as a contributing factor.

Local activist held a planning meeting Monday night but the North Charleston community has been advised to boycott Andrew’s Discount Market located at 3744 Dorchester Rd. North Charleston, SC.

Black Talk Radio News will continue to update you on this breaking story out of North Charleston, South Carolina.

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  1. Why? Why? Why? Do we continue to shop at these stores when we know arabs don’t care for us or them damn Indians which are worse. And what in the hell could this man have stolen that a long sword and pistol was needed? Nothing. These people were waiting on something/anything to pull these weapons out. Stay out these stores even if it means doing without or traveling a bit further. If he stole something call the cops and keep your FUCKING!!! hands off of people. And Black people stop giving your sworn enemies your money. Please.

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