New Abolitionists Radio: Weekly Report on Legalized Slavery In The United States

Today is the April 5th broadcast of New Abolitionists Radio. 14 weeks into your worst nightmares as a nation and poised on the brink of moral, ethical and physical oblivion. Ironically it is National Poetry month as well.

On this day in 1968 we were one day after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. An assassination to which US “Government Agencies” Were Found Guilty in a conspiracy to assassinate Martin Luther King Jr. in a federal civil wrongful death lawsuit. The jury was composed of six whites and six blacks.

•Today we’ll name the 6 big banks keeping private for profit prisons in business.

•We’ll talk about the NYPD infiltration Black lives matter organizations.

•Also, we want to talk about the DEA and how in the last decade it has taken nearly 3 and a half billion dollars from people who were never charged with a crime.

•Today Al Jazeera English released the 1st part of a powerful and compelling expose on the Alabama prison system with discussions on the 13th amendment and commentary by the free Alabama movement.

Max Parthas’s interview with Eddie Conway was also released today and after all Eddie has seen being on the front lines and experiencing 44 years in prison I was able to “scare” him with the information I dropped.

•A Chicago cop is accused of framing at least 51 people with murder.

Mayor de Blasio vows to close Rikers island

•A South Carolina family is suing the SCPD on behalf of deceased Waltki Cermoun Williams who was shot in the back 17 times by three officers as he lay unarmed on the ground.

•Our Rider of the 21st century underground railroad is Andrew Wilson who was released in March after being incarcerated for 32 years over a murder he did not commit.

Our Abolitionist in profile will be Maria W. Stewart (1803-1879) who was a free Afro-American and became the first American woman to address a public audience of women and men when she spoke out against slavery. She was known to criticize Black men for not standing up and being heard on the subject of their human and constitutional rights. Maria wrote pamphlets and speeches for William Lloyd Garrison’s The Liberator until she retired in 1833.

We have a lot to cover so let’s get to it.

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