Code Breakers: Genesis of the black male with Dr. Tommy Curry, using black oppression as a business model

Dr. Tommy J. Curry joins the Codebreakers. An Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Texas A&M, Dr. Curry’s research interests include philosophy, jurisprudence, Africana Studies, and Gender Studies. His primary area of focus is Critical Race Theory and Africana Philosophy. We will discuss the creation of the black male. We will define what it means to be a black male. The challenges of living in this environment past and present. Globalism, Africa, and how racism is being used. White feminism, intersectionality, white ignorance. Any book recommendations. Challenges of philosophy?

In our second hour, we will discuss using black people’s oppression to profit and benefit.

– Ghettoizing the planet – white domination, can it maintain its global reach
– Being compromised
– Can you save me (Jesus Christ)
– Balance when practicing commerce
– American benefits
– Participation and Counter Racism
– Advice on living in America in 2017
– Behavior patterns to survive
– Assassins Creed

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