BTR News: May 20th NYC Noise Demonstration To Highlight Slavery

There will be a noise demonstration in Brooklyn on May 20, 2017, to highlight the legalized slavery in general and specifically the case of the Bronx 120 and prisoners being held at the MDC. Speaking with me about several issues is Cindy of Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee which is helping to organize a noise demonstration in Brooklyn, New York on May 20th, 2017 at 2:30 p.m. Eastern. If you would like to participate in Noise Demonstration, it will begin at 2:30 pm at the corner of 28th Street and 2nd Ave, Brooklyn, New York.

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Scotty T. Reid has been writing and podcasting about social/political issues since 2007 and is the producer of several successful digital radio programs and the founder of a non-profit new media organization. He is a United States veteran of the Gulf War and one of the descendants of American revolutionary Samuel Rankin of Gaston County, North Carolina and founder of the Rankin Town colonial settlement located in what was then known as Tryon County, North Carolina. Support independent media with a donation today!

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