BTR News: GOP Congress Advancing Bill To Strip Americans of Rights

Republicans in both houses of the US Congress introduced a bill they’re calling the Back the Blue Act of 2017. The Senate bill was introduced by John Cornyn (R-Tex.) and is co-sponsored by 15 senators, all Republicans. The House bill was introduced by Ted Poe (R-Tex.) and has five co-sponsors, all Republicans. The bill would create new federal crimes, impose federal police over the will of local officials and voters and shield police officers from virtually any civil liability, even in cases of egregious misconduct.

If the GOP Back The Blue Act of 2017 is made into law, I’m sure US Attorney General Jeff Sessions would enforce it with great enthusiasm since stating he isn’t interested in holding police accountable for violating the rights of US citizens.

The First Amendment of the US Constitution contained within the Bill Of Rights, in part says that Congress shall make no law prohibiting the people, from petitioning the government for a redress of grievances. Passing a law to prevent people from petitioning the US courts by suing abusive law enforcement is unconstitutional, Un-American and clearly demonstrates an attempt to undermine the very Constitution these Republicans swore to defend.

This is undermining the very principle that leads to the Boston Massacre that led to the American Revolution when colonists following Crispus Attucks, confronted abusive British soldiers on police duty who had brutalized a Boston teenager. This bill must be opposed by all Americans who believe in truth, justice and liberty for all citizens as those who swore an oath to serve and protect citizens by upholding the US Constitution are attempting to undermine protections and asserting special privileges to abuse the American citizens much like the British troops of King George III.

Scotty T. Reid has been writing and podcasting about social/political issues since 2007 and is the producer of several successful digital radio programs and the founder of a non-profit new media organization. He is a United States veteran of the Gulf War and one of the descendants of American Revolutionary Samuel Rankin of Gaston County, North Carolina and founder of the Rankin Town colonial settlement located in what was then known as Tryon County, North Carolina.

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