New Abolitionists Radio: Guest abolitionist activist Laila H. Aziz, Millions For Prisoner’s Human Rights

Today is our last broadcast on New Abolitionists Radio before our anniversary date of 6/13. We would like to think we’ve made a real impact and a difference in agitating, supporting and advancing the abolitionist’s narratives and cause. The cause of freedom from legalized slavery and persecution.

Our guest on this memorable day is the iconic activist, actionist, community leader and abolitionist Laila H. Aziz.

We are only two months away from the largest public gathering of slavery abolitionists in US history at the Millions for Prisoners March on Washington and following on the heels of the largest organized US slavery rebellion in the form of the Septemeber 9th prison labor work strike.

It’s going down. People get ready. A change is coming. Anna Murillo and Marissa Garcia may also call in and discuss what is going on at Folsom. An abolitionist is running for Congress in SC. David Kulma / David Kulma for Congress. The election is the 20th. Scotty T Reid, Tribal Raine and I will be in Rock Hill that weekend to lend our support. Help us make history by electing someone who knows what modern day slavery is all about and how to end it. David has sworn that if elected HE will personally call for congressional hearings on the 13TH amendment.

Some of the stories we’ll try and cover today include:
•1st, By Hellary Clintons own admission in her book “THE CLINTONS HAD SLAVES.”
That’s what the headlines say and it is indeed and in fact true. The twitter response to this news was epic. We’ll explain what and how.

• Then, The cost of imprisoning each of California’s 130,000 inmates is expected to reach a record $75,560 in the next more than the annual cost of attending Harvard University and a clear indication of priorities.

• Also, We live in an age when every face on the street is being randomly scanned for warrants. Some cities have more arrest warrants than they do people. So, let’s tell the story of how 1.2 million New Yorkers ended up with arrest warrants

• if time allows we’ll listen to a message from imprisoned activist Kerry Shakaboona Marshall about the upcoming Millions For Prisoners human Rights March on Washington.

• Lastly, Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States. It occurs on June 19th. As modern abolitionists, we have a few words to say about that. We’ll also talk about what being an ally means in this time when unity is paramount.

And from our information overflow cutting room floor, New allegations arise in federal racketeering case against Baltimore police officers. Abolitionist David Kulma’s congressional run is about to come to a conclusion and the lead detective of the Fairfield Police Department’s narcotics unit was charged Friday with stealing heroin and other drugs seized during police operations. Western Kentucky University Will Give Black Students Free Tuition As An Apology for Slavery. In what’s being described as a “watershed” decision, the California Supreme Court has overturned three convictions after finding a prosecutor had intentionally excluded Latinx candidates from the jury.

We’ll cover what we can and share what we can’t. be sure to follow new Abolitionists Radio on facebook to stay up to date.

• Our Abolitionist in Profile will be provided by Scotty T Reid.

• Our Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad isWilliam Barnhouse who on may 10th 2017 Became the 350th Person Exonerated Through DNA Evidence.

• And in our new segment, For Freedom’s Sake. A History of Rebellion. We will be remembering the Combahee River Raid (June 2, 1863) when Harriet Tubman, under the command of Union Colonel James Montgomery, led 150 black Union soldiers and freed almost 800 enslaved men women and children.

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