Race Treaty: Queen Mother Vernellia Randall Part ll

Retired law professor emeritus Vernellia Randall -J.D., Lewis and Clark College, 1987, M.S.N., University of Washington, 1978, B.S.N., University of Texas (Austin), 1971- writes extensively on and speaks internationally about race, women, and health care. She is the recipient of the Ohio Commission on Minority Health Chairman’s Award, and she was named one of the “Top 10 Most Influential African-Americans” on the 2001 Black Equal Opportunity Employment Journal list.On Part ll we got to know the person, her life story. Here on Part ll we will begin to view her works, ever so slightly by hearing her recollection on the reasons and rationale for writing Built in Obsolescence: The Coming End to the Abortion Debate, Suffolk J. of Health & Biomedical L. (Fall 2008) (with Tshaka Randall; Dying While Black (Seven Principles Press, 2006) and Eliminating Racial Discrimination In Health Care: A Call for State Health Care Anti-Discrimination Law, 10 Dapple J. Health Care L. 1 (2006). This human rights pioneer is a must listen to! Call friends and family to hear Part ll.

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