New Abolitionist Weekly: Still On Our Abolitionist’s Grind, End Slavery In The USA!

New Abolitionists Radio seeks to educate listeners to the glaring fact that slavery was never abolished and is still practiced by the state and federal governments constituting the United States of America along with multi-national corporations. The main purpose of this program to agitate for an end to 21st Century Slavery and Human Trafficking by any means necessary. The radio program is an extension of the group Move To Abolish 21st Century Slavery.

Today is the July 12th, 2017 broadcast of New Abolitionists Radio. We are only weeks away from the MILLIONS FOR PRISONERS HUMAN RIGHTS MARCH ON WASHINGTON, DC August 19th. The largest gathering of Slavery Abolitionists in US history. Guess what we’ll be talking about today? You can bet it ain’t about no damn Russian meddling, someone’s emails or whether or not nuking North Korea is a good idea.

• On this day in History, 1861 the Confederacy signed treaties with Native Americans.

Special Commissioner Albert Pike completes treaties with the members of the Choctaw and Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole, Comanche, and Caddos tribes, giving the new Confederate States of America several allies in Indian Territory. Some members of the tribes also fought for the Confederacy.

By signing these treaties, the tribes severed their relationships with the federal government, much in the way the southern states did by seceding from the Union. They were accepted into the Confederates States of America, and they sent representatives to the Confederate Congress. The Confederate government promised to protect the Native American’s land holdings and to fulfill the obligations such as annuity payments made by the federal government.

Some of these tribes even sent troops to serve in the Confederate army, and one Cherokee, Stand Watie, rose to the rank of brigadier general.
Ironically, many of these tribes had been expelled from the Southern states in the 1830s and 1840s but still chose to ally themselves with those states during the Civil War.

On our radar today:

• We’ll be listening to a couple of videos produced by Scotty and myself today and discussing the circumstances. Much like the abolitionist movement of the 1800’s as we gain momentum we find ourselves as the subject of promised violence and in the crosshairs of white supremacist groups and media personalities who are doing everything in their power to demonize and criminalize anyone who threatens their way of life.

• We’ll also examine a study using data from more than 9,000 cities, the researchers first found that cities with larger black populations rely more on fines and court fees to raise revenue.

• Then if time allows we’ll take a look at two phrases and where they came from. “Black on Black Crime” and “Mass Incarceration”

• Our Abolitionist in Profile will be provided by Scotty T Reid

• Our Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad is Andrew Leander Wilson. On March 16th 2017 Wilson, 62, was released from the Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail after spending 32 years in prison for a murder he did not commit.

• In the segment ‘For Freedom’s Sake. A History of Rebellion.’ We will be remembering 1842 Cherokee Slave Revolt.

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One Reply to “New Abolitionist Weekly: Still On Our Abolitionist’s Grind, End Slavery In The USA!”

  1. Two more points i disagree with are as follows:
    1. The American elite fought against the British to build their own empire not the propaganda about freeing themselves from the British. Read ‘ Myths of the American Revolution’ by Albert Johnson?

    2; The ” Five Civilized Tribes’ had already been faced with either extermination or follow the white man’s way but there was a struggle between ‘ progressives’ 9 slave-owners, speaking English, etc.) and the ‘traditionals ‘ who believed in equality and had female leaders. Also, there were black slave owners who are never mentioned including Philip Burnham who owned quite a few slaves in I believe was Virginia.

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