The C.O.W.S. Gus T. Renegade in Salem, Oregon for the Solar Eclipse

Tuesday, August 22nd 8:30AM Eastern/ 5:30AM Pacific

The Context of White Supremacy Gus T. Renegade joined the millions who invested the time and energy to observe the “Great American Eclipse” of 2017. The historic solar event spanned the width of North America; this region won’t witness another solar eclipse until 2024. Gus T. road-tripped to Salem, Oregon to catch the totality of the eclipse. Context of White Supremacy listeners should remember in 2013, a black Salem Hospital employee Dau Tucker had a bullet left on her desk and was told “leave nigger or die” on Dr. Martin Luther King’s holiday. Gus will share a few of his observations from his time in Oregon’s capital. Whites traveled from across the country and around the globe to study this event. Whites tracked the animals, the heavens and the traffic for this much ballyhooed event. Alice Ristroph writes this cosmic episode “has been dubbed the Great American Eclipse, and along most of its path, there live almost no black people.”


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