Andrew Schneck Allegedly Caught Attempting To Bomb Illegally Funded Confederate Statue In Houston

Andrew Schneck a chemistry major was charged by the US Justice Department for allegedly attempting to destroy an illegal anti-United States monument with an explosive device.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office Southern District of Texas issued a press release about the arrest.

“A 25-year-old man has been taken into custody for attempting to maliciously damage or destroy property receiving federal financial assistance, announced Acting U.S. Attorney Abe Martinez.”

Although the US Constitution outlaws any financial aid or restitution to any Confederate who picked up arms to overthrow the United States of America, the federal government itself is funding monuments in 2017 to those very traitors and those who fought to ensure that the chattel enslavement of African descendant people whether they personally enslaved people or not. President Ulysses S. Grant, a former US Army General who armed with the Klan Act of 1871, went after Confederates turned white supremacist terrorists in the same manner in which the federal government today goes after US citizens and non-US citizens alike, who are Muslim and alleged to have sympathies with Al-Queda, ISIS or any other non-white and non-Christian, nearly wiped out them out but under successive administrations, the terrorists have been openly embraced by federal officials.

Today, Donald Trump the acting President of the United States, accused Pakistan and Afghanistan of harboring terrorists and extremists as he announced a “small” increase in US military personnel being deployed to those regions while tolerating racist and religious extremists who openly associate with or identify as neo-confederates like those who flocked to Charlottesville, Virgina to protest their disdain for democracy and the democratic removal of a monument to Confederate General Robert E. Lee. General Lee was a racist extremist who betrayed his military oath to defend the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic and consciously chose to take up arms making himself an enemy of the state all in defense of the wealthy Southern aristocracy’s supposed right to enslave human beings and steal their labor based on their skin color and national origin.

The 14th Amendment of the US Consitution expressly forbids aid of any kind to Confederates and in fact barred those who enlisted in the army of the CSA or lent any sort of material, from holding public office.

The illegally federally funded statute Andrew Schneck stands accused of attempting to blow up was to Richard “Dick” Dowling, an Irish immigrant and prominent Bayou City businessman who joined the insurgency against the United States, the very country that welcomed him from the shores of Ireland who then took advantage of his newfound status as “white” in a racist society to oppress non-white people. Like Andrew Jackson, the infamous “Indian killer” whom Donald Trump openly idolized, Dowling will become another point of “Irish Pride” for him.

Andrew Schneck is the son of a wealthy family that owns several properties in the Houston area and reportedly has a “criminal” record tied to the improper storage of explosive material. Possibly due to his family’s wealth and/or his status as “white”, Schneck was able to pay over $100,000 in fines and restitution to the law enforcement entities including the FBI and walk away with probation. Perhaps because of that wealth, Schneck might be able to argue through representation that Confederate monuments violate his rights as a US citizen by forcing him to fund monuments to racist extremists that practiced slavery. Perhaps a defense that brings up the constitutional violations the Trump administration is engaged in by way of it funding statutes that promote sedition, racism, and slavery.

Mr. Sneck has yet to be granted bail or an opportunity to speak publicly about the allegations.

Scotty T. Reid has been writing and podcasting about social/political issues since 2007 and is the producer of several successful digital radio programs and the founder of the non-profit new media education organization Black Talk Media Project and the Black Talk Radio Network. He is part of the New Abolitionists Movement to abolish slavery in the United States as permitted by the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution. He is a United States Army veteran, serving a tour in the Gulf War and one of the many descendants of American Revolutionary Samuel Rankin that still reside in Gaston County, North Carolina. He is also a descendant of Afro-Americans of North Carolina and the Cherokee tribes of Western North Carolina. He considers the Autobiography of Malcolm X to be the greatest influence on his life.

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