The speech of my life

As many of you know for the past decade or more Maximum Impact (Tribal and I) have dedicated all of our poetic efforts and talents to the abolition of legalized slavery as it is allowed in the US by the 13th amendment of our constitution and exploited by for profit prison industries everywhere USA and world wide. We dedicated ourselves to justice and freedom.

On August 19th we were blessed to be among the keynote speakers and poets who summarized this historic and game changing event at the Millions For Prisoners Human Rights March on Washington, DC. The largest gathering of slavery abolitionists in US history. Thousands across as many as 20 cities in America all marching in solidarity with the main body in DC across the street from the White House at Freedom Plaza.  Click here or the image below to read the transcript with links or view the video published by
This occurred right before a full solar eclipse on the anniversary of Nat Turner’s rebellion. While half the nation was shocked into reality by Nazis marching in the streets. While the president was praising white supremacists as nice people and the existence of terroristic monuments to treason, slavers and slavery were being defended by governors.
At a time when Hitler High wouldn’t be allowed but General Lee High is perfectly fine. While across the world white supremacists are flying Confederate flags in lieu of the illegal Nazi flag and laws are being written by racist sociopaths in political office to protect perpetrators of vehicular manslaughter. Even after the murder of Heather Hayes in Charlottesville, VA
During all of this and while all the signs and stars collided I gave the speech of my life right in front of the White House.
The rawest, realest thing I’ve ever said publicly. None of it written down before now. All inspired by the moment and guided by the spirits of our ancestors. A conclusive statement after a lifetime learning. I’m pretty sure this will be included in my book.

My utmost appreciation for your work Brian Sonenstein. No doubt you did the research to find the links. I can relate with how that must have made you feel. Thank you. You made me feel something unique as well.

“People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” -From the 1991 book by H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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